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Regarding nickle plated cases; I have two good reasons not to use them (at least for my own purposes).

Reason #1. They seem to be more brittle and tricky to form bottleneck cases from. I had a .30-30 T/C Contender barrel rechambered to .309 JDJ and had fits trying to get .444 Marlin cases necked down to .308". SSK Industries said it was easy to do if you used a .308 Win sizer (which has a much gentler shoulder than the JDJ) but I had about a 70% case destruction rate. I changed to brass cases and annealed the case neck and had no problems doing it just the way SSK said it could be done!

Reason #2. Everytime you fire a nickle plated case some of the nickle flakes off and goes down the bore, causing all kinds of havoc. It is an excellent and aggressive abrasive. I am told, this can cut useful bore life by more than 2/3's! Enough said!

As far as sticking cases are concerned, if you need to go to a nickle plated case to avoid this problem, you should probably consider backing off a wee bit on the powder and polishing the chambers. No matter how accurate or powerful a firearm you use, if it doesn't work EVERY time it can't be trusted completely. I'll take reliability over exceptional power or exceptional accuracy for my hunting any day. Just my opinion for what it is worth.
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