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Marshall Stanton, your comments (regarding No. 9) to my previous post sound interesting.   They have me thinking about some other things.

1.  How does it compare to 2400 since I see them listed side-by-side in all of the burning rate charts?

2.  Does it ignite easier than 2400?  Is it more consistant?  Will the WLP (for Std and Mag loads) work OK with it or do I need a CCI 350?

3.  Can it be downloaded at all or is it like H-110/296?  Will I be able to cover the 1050 to 1300 fps range with it?

4.  Accurate's website doesn't list any No. 9 data for the 45 Colt, so what would you suggest as a starting and maximum load for my 265 SWC GC (I know I will have to work up carefully)?

5.  I know that a lot of folks shoot the 300+ grainers nowadays, but I don't think I really need their extra penetration and recoil.  I think the local whitetails here would find a 265 gr. at 1200 tough enough to deal with. Do you think I am wrong?

6.  Finally, I have always tried to keep a minimum number of powders on my bench to keep things simple.  Would No. 9 be a versatile addition to the powders I use already (namely Titegroup and Universal Clays)?  I currently load 38/357, 45 Auto, and 45 Colt.

Thanks for responding!

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Wow Mark, you've got quite a shopping list there!  I'll try to help, but there are some other excellent minds here on this forum that will probably add to whatever I can suggest.

1.  Yes, I would say that the burning rates are indeed close, but you'll find that AA #9 is very predictable in doing load workups in that it doesn't surprise you with "spiked" pressures without warning... this is many times the case with 2400.

2.  My favorite primer for AA #9 is that WLPP primer you mention.  The ignition is very consistent and uniform.  I've never found a need for a designated magnum primer with AA #9.

3.  That is the beauty of AA #9 in your application.   I doesn't require that upper pressure envelope to reach efficiency.   Your slightly reduced loads are right at home with AA #9, and the lighter bullets.

4.  For a good starting load try your 265g SWC GC/19.0g AA #9/WLPP/Starline Brass/1265 fps in 7.5" Bbl.  This load is just a good working range and will need to be tuned to your revolver/bullet of course, but should get you started.

5.  Good Grief, to think what the gunwriters have made us think!   The old blackpowder .45 LC loads put tons of meat on American tables, and I don't think a skinny little whitetail has gotten tougher over the years!   You bet, go hunting with confidence using the load you describe!  It's fun to push the outer limits of the capabilities of our firearms with bigger, faster and fatter bullets, but the truth of the matter is that there is only so much penetration can take place on a critter and you can't harvest a game animal 135% dead!

6.  Now about the powders on your bench.  AA #9 will have no practical application to your .45ACP.   What it does bring to the table however is some outstanding performance in the .45LC and your .357 Magnum.   AA #9 does a stand up job of making the .357 into a formidable workhorse with 158+ grain loads.   It really comes into its own with the 180g+ bullets for the .357.  I can't imagine that you won't like it in the .45LC, but even if you don't it is nearly a perfect application in all instances for the .357.   You really can't lose!

There, did I miss anything?  Hope it helps you out some!   It will be interesting to hear what others have to say as well.

God Bless,

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