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Hello from Scotland

My wild fowling gun was a cheap Spanish s/s 32" barrels full x full chokes and 3" chambers now i can not fault its performance and it doubled as my vermin gun (crows,fox,mink,wood pigeon, rook,rabbit,) and a huge number of all of them fall to this gun. Its long barrels and tight chokes seemed to give me an extra 10-15 yards range but this was probably just my imagination although some shooting companions would ask if i would let them fire first as i could down game before they felt it was in range.
The only down side to this gun was its tight choking, rabbits bolted by ferrets were hard to hit at close range and if they were hit they carried nearly a full ounce of lead ! (ferret food).
It was also a chore cleaning this Spanish gun it would rust at the first sight of a cloud !

I wanted a new gun that could handle 3" mags but was a multi-choke so i could ues open chokes while decoying pigeon or bolting rabbits with ferrets yet through a tight pattern for fox or wild fowl on the fore shore.

Semi-autos are not that popular in Britain and some people frown apon them, also offen i heard tale of them "bad for jamming" but all to often from people who did not own one !

I have always liked the quaility of Beretta shot guns but im not a fan of o/u i prefer s/s, i simply shoot better with them.
Due to the need for 3" chambers i went for a Beretta 390 Silver Mallard in 12 bore, and havent looked back since, on its first outting decoying wood pigeon i had 12 pigeons in the bag and during a lull i took a walk with my terrier. After a time the dog went deaf as terriers often do so i left her in some thick cover and walked back up to the decoys, as i peecked over the dry stone wall, gun at the ready expecting a pigeon perhaps sitting among the decoys imagine my surprise at seeing a vixen trotting among my decoys ! BANG! stone dead 20 yards out imp cyl no.7 shot (not my usual fox load) that little stuborn dog had flushed the fox further down the field.

A fox and 15 pigeon for 20 shots on my first trip out ( i liked this gun ) i took my first 100 bag of wood pigeon, 101 birds shot over decoys, ive shot crow,rook,jackdaw,collard dove, wood pigeon,feral pigeon,snipe,mallard,wigeon,teal,pochard,golden eye, goose,rabbit,fox, to name buy a few with this gun.

My favourite use for it has to be wild fowling down on the fore shore (we can still use lead shot ) this morning i was down on the Forth estuary with my trusty black lab and my trusty 390 Beretta carrying imp cyl (i find this works well with one and a quarter ounce of numder 5 lead shot on flighting duck) any way BANG! a male mallard fell to a single shot and ten minutes later BANG! BANG! two of a flock of 12 wigeon hit the ground (i will only fire more than two shots at vermin)

With its 3" chambers and multi-choke i find it a truly multipurpose tool be it clays,bolting rabbit, decoyed pigeon, flighting duck or fox in the lamp light the Beretta 390 silver mallard does the business ! And i do not have a single regret about buying it, it has paid me back a thousand fold with fantasic sport...........................

Regards from across the pond

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