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Norinco 1897 12 gauge

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Did a search here but didn't find a lot of info. Does anybody have a Norinco 1897 12 gauge or experience with one? It seems like people really like or dislike them with not a lot in between. I have a shot at buying one at a reasonable price but have heard they can have quality issues.

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Troy, I have one and I like it. It's a solid construction, well made and functions very well. A little bit rough on the inside and it is not as nicely finished as the Italian Chiappa, which is a whole lot more expensive. They're a big seller here in the land of Oz, as we are prohibited from owning a pump or semi auto shotgun, though there is talk of that restriction being lifted soon. Only rumour at this stage mind you.

The shotgun loads easily, and the long throw lever operates efficiently. I think a few malfunctions occure when the operators 'short stroke' the lever which is common. Other than that, I am happy with thye one I have.

A long lever throw on a pump shotgun?
Ooops ... my mistake mate, I thought he was refering to the 1887/01 lever model.

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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