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I just bought a Crosman Legacy 1000 break pump pellet gun. It is supposed to shoot BBs until the rack is empty. Problem is I can't get the BB rack to load. I put a significant number of BBs in the storage area in the grip but cannot get them into the load rack. Yes, I've read the manual - which I had to find online because none was provided. I've done everything but stand on my head and whistle "Dixie" while spitting quarters to no avail. Please don't suggest that I do the head stand because I'm past 80 yo.

Can anyone fill in the blanks that Crosman don't tell you?


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Welcome to the forum.

It's not the head stand you need to worry about, it's keeping tune while whistling Dixie!! 馃槈馃槈

If you read the manual and did the required twisting motion to load it, and the magnetic bolt won't pick-up a BB. The obvious questions left are pretty limited.

1) is the magnet still there, and functional? Or did it fall off, or lose magnetism?
2) Are you using magnetic BBs?
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