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My Years

The years that I spent in the western mountains of Maine,I experienced all kinds of, strange for the time of year,WX.

One year had 4 guys coming up from upstate NY for the grouse/woodcock hunting that started Oct 1. It was 81deg on the first AM and pretty much the same for the next 3 days. I have seen it in the high 60's for opening day of the deer season(Nov.1) but by the third week we were hunting on snow shoes.

One year while helping to cut the snowmobile trail from Eustis village to the Canadian border,I was up in the high country on my ATV and it started to hail. This was late Aug and I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt.

Callin' yotes at night,I have been the coldest that I have ever been in my life. I have got up to move just to keep warm. Late January,0200,full moon,-15deg. You can hear the rock maple and the beech trees popping from the cold.

I used to tow out to a frozen lake,road killed moose and deer,with my snowmobile. Then make a snow shelter on the edge,just into the thick spruce and fir growth. I'd sit this at night waiting on the yotes to show up,armed with my Benelli M1 Super 90 and a 7shot mag loaded with #4buck. When 3-6 yotes would show up,the shooting would be akin to crow hunting. Take the furthest one first and work backwards. After just a few seconds you would go from freezing to sweating.

Now in Flah-Dah, the hunting is obviously different....BUT.....still cold at times. Hog hunting till almost dark then jumping in the boat for the 5 mile run back to the dock at almost 40MPH will drive the damp cold river fog right thru you.

Getting older now, I have discovered the warmth of a small butane heater in my shooting houses. It does get "cold" some mornings down here. Down in the 30's(that's ABOVE now),but into the 50's by 0830.

It has been very rainy this hunting season and the river swamp is swollen to the point of no hunting from my boat so have to revert to the high and dry hunting club. Wife got a doe a couple of weeks ago so we have sausage and a few steaks left. Now......just waiting for the rut to start. Usually the second week of January but have seen some rubs and a small mock scrape already.

Don't know what it does to the deer.....but....gets the hunters pumped.

Good hunting to all. -----pruhdlr
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