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From your description it is not known how tight your brass is grippin' the bullet, and your measurement may be at a point of firm or better contact with the rifling. Try seatin' a bullet to below the neck a bit to stretch the neck a little and then pull it and use that case to check your seatin' depth agian, it will probably be somewhat shorter. Generally I use a seatin' force for breach seated bullets of only 2-4 lbs. The method you are using if the brass is a hard grip on the bullet can take much more.
If they feed and extract O.K. with out distorting the concentricity or pulling the bullet to make your o.a.l. greater at whatever you decide on for an o.a.l. they will be O. K. to handle, PRESSURE however is a different ball game.
Start low and work up is always a real good idea, but extra care is needed when a condition with no freebore is present.
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