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Oal for marlin 1895gs

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I think this has been discussed before but I failed to find the topic by doing a search.  I have loaded 350 gr. cast bullets using a 2.55" oal for my Marlin 1895 GS and have had great results. This is the oal Marlin specifies in the owners manual.  I now plan to load a 405 gr. hard cast gas checked bullet and the reloading info calls for 2.56" oal minimum.  Has anyone had feeding problems using this slightly longer oal?

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I load a 405 LBT LFNGC bullet in my 1895G and its OAL is 2.554" when seated to the crimp groove and it feeds fine.  But, if I try a 450 gr. LBT LFNGC that is loaded up for my No. 1 at 2.640" it won't even come close to feeding.  But this doesn't really answer your question, does it?  If you are using Marshal's bullets your OAL should be just fine to feed through the Guide gun, but if using some other bullet with the crimp groove someplace else, the only answer I can give is you'll have to try it to find out, or have your Marlin's carrier/lifter modified to feed a slightly longer round, which is not a hard modification to do.
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