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The Bearcat will be an excellent trail gun and may be your only legal alternative during hunting season. I'm not sure what the laws are like in your NW corner of America but here in the Keystone State self-loaders are a no no. You might want to check into that before buying. I also like the feel and compact dimensions/weight of the Bearcat. I'm seriously considering a .32 H&R version myself.

The 22/45 is a much larger pistol, thus it loses some appeal to me as a .22 rimfire. I like them on the smallish side myself. I also prefer the feel of the standard Ruger Mark II but I know just as many who go in the opposite direction. The guns are generally reliable, although I've fired one that had to be returned to Ruger before full reliability was acheived. (Oh Boy! Now you really needed to hear that, eh Alan?)
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