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off tpopic,butthe best place I can get an answer

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Christmas is near,and I want to know if you think that the 'Kimble' is worth having.I know that it is worth while for Times approved books.
I just wonder if the books that we discuss here,would be available on it.
Do you have an opinion?
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I've thought about getting one for the last couple of years, not for books, but for various newspapers that I read on the net. I thought it would be super handy to have the latest dailies available each morning on something so portable for carrying around the house or a bout on the throne. Each year I've decided against it because I'm afraid my three young children would destroy it in seconds if they ever got a hold of it.

You can search the various books that fit your interest on Amazon and if there's a "Kindle" version they'll mention it.
Read the negative reviews on Amazon. There are some serious technical issues with the Kindle.
Can't see reading Elmer Keith on it - just seems wrong!!!! ;)
It is the way of the future - but I hope there will always be books, I believe Sony or Google? has their own version comming out. I have read good things about the Kindle especially the new one. I'm not getting one anytime soon but I'm sure some day I'll own some type of "electronic reader" - It would be nice to down load electronic content - books, magazines, newspapers etc. to read on a small package with a nice screen.
For some one like me,the concept is really great;I'm n0t an Elmer Kieth fan.he is too much of a self promoter,for me.
The adjustable type of the Kimble is for 'me'.Lots of books have smaller print or less friendly paper.
I looked up a few favorite books,and none were on Kimble.
Maybe the new system,by Sony,will be better for us.
keep tuned
Hey, Frank - check your PM's.

Re: Raurk and Capstick books.
If I traveled a lot, or had no space for books, I'd think about one... but I don't have any trouble keeping and carrying print editions right now.....
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