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Opening day Buck.

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taken on opening day in upstate new york. from stand to buck was 150M(paced) using a rem 700 .223 with federal premium vital shock 55Gr barnes TSX. dropped on the spot. my father in law is doing up a euro mount for me. i couldnt justify spending $400 on a shoulder mount for him, but he was just nice enough i couldnt just get rid of the rack. and by the way, this is my first "nice" buck. very symmetrical 8 pointer. hanging weight was 110.

as a side note, my brother in law took a buck the same morning from the same stand at about the same spot with a muzzle loader. my father in law aged him and said hes a 2.5 year old buck. now that i got him out of the way, i can start looking for a bigger trophy. even though this guy isnt huge, hes still a trophy to me, and will always be my first good buck.
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You done good! Nice looking buck.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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