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Opening day Buck.

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taken on opening day in upstate new york. from stand to buck was 150M(paced) using a rem 700 .223 with federal premium vital shock 55Gr barnes TSX. dropped on the spot. my father in law is doing up a euro mount for me. i couldnt justify spending $400 on a shoulder mount for him, but he was just nice enough i couldnt just get rid of the rack. and by the way, this is my first "nice" buck. very symmetrical 8 pointer. hanging weight was 110.

as a side note, my brother in law took a buck the same morning from the same stand at about the same spot with a muzzle loader. my father in law aged him and said hes a 2.5 year old buck. now that i got him out of the way, i can start looking for a bigger trophy. even though this guy isnt huge, hes still a trophy to me, and will always be my first good buck.
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I won't rag on you about the photo, you did good work. Your first priority is making sure the animal is taken care of, not what somebody else thinks on the internet about your photography. You have all the time in the world to handle the photography after the animal is taken care of. Besides, you didn't work that hard to take a pretty picture, you did it to harvest a great whitetail and enjoy the prosperity of the land.
My last one slid right into a nice photo!

Around here, passing around hunting pictures is akin to passing around pictures of the kids, although I can assure you that I've seen way more pictures of deer than kids on my coworkers phones and on their desks.


My priority is the animal, I don't want to feel like I am glorifying anything other than the hunt. The hunt involves gutting, blood, and sometimes a poor shot. I hate that last part more than anything, but its happened and I think about it before I pull the trigger.

Cleaning the animal has never bothered me, I get right on it and get the job done quickly. My brother and one friend take their sweet time, and usually I have to finish for them. One year I went to get the truck, a mile away, and I came back on my friend hadn't even gotten started yet. I took charge of that siuation.
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