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Opening day Buck.

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taken on opening day in upstate new york. from stand to buck was 150M(paced) using a rem 700 .223 with federal premium vital shock 55Gr barnes TSX. dropped on the spot. my father in law is doing up a euro mount for me. i couldnt justify spending $400 on a shoulder mount for him, but he was just nice enough i couldnt just get rid of the rack. and by the way, this is my first "nice" buck. very symmetrical 8 pointer. hanging weight was 110.

as a side note, my brother in law took a buck the same morning from the same stand at about the same spot with a muzzle loader. my father in law aged him and said hes a 2.5 year old buck. now that i got him out of the way, i can start looking for a bigger trophy. even though this guy isnt huge, hes still a trophy to me, and will always be my first good buck.
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Great work on tagging your first quality buck!

Next time, consider taking a few extra minutes to stage your photos with a natural backdrop and the buck in a less awkward position. It has become important to me, as the years pass, to get my pictures done before the messy work begins. Those photos will bring back memories for decades to come, so the more you do to make the pictures represent the hunt, instead of the gutting process, the more you will enjoy viewing and sharing them.

Again, congratulations on your first big buck! :)
If it sounded like I was ragging on him, I apologize. From my perspective, there is no need to rush the job of field dressing the deer. It's worth the extra time involved to drag the deer to a nice backdrop, position it in a natural position and take 15 or 20 minutes to get a bunch of quality photographs. You only get a nice deer once in a while, so why not go the extra mile and get your pictures before there is a gut pile and a bunch of blood all over the place? Heck, I take pictures throughout the process, but the ones I really treasure are the ones where the deer looks just as it did when I pulled the trigger.

Zach, that's a nice 8-pointer and if it seemed like I was trying to rain on your parade, I sincerely apologize. You have every right to be proud of that deer...I know I would be! :)
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