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Great thread. Keep those experiences coming.

I used the 165 gr SP Hornady last year in my 30.06. The load was reduced and was suppose to be running about 2300 fps. I lost an animal and had to shot another several times at close range. I believe much of this was due to poor shot placement but can't help feel the bullet did not perform well at that velosity at close range.

I have gone to a top end load and the 150 gr SST this year in the 30.06. The .308 is fed the Nosler 125 gr BT. It should be zipping along in the 3000 fps range and should be lethal on 130 to 250 yd shots on our small S.C. deer.

I will be using the 1894 with the 240 gr XTP most of the time in the swamp where we will hunt most this year. That should do the trick without any problems with bullet performance.:)
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