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Hi, Andy:
The first handgun I shot was a 922, back in the late `50s. I've got a 929 Sidekick now. They aren't bad at the right price. The 929's trigger pull is a bit rough and heavy in single action but I've seen worse in much more expensive guns. The double action pull is too heavy, period. The extractor star don't quite line up with the chambers and extracting takes a hard push on the rod with 9 loaded. The 922 did not have that problem. Accuracy is under 3" at 25 yards with ammo it likes, but 8" with one type it didn't.

Supposedly cutting a couple of coils off the mainspring fixes the double action pull, but I'm not doing that until I get a spare spring. Apparently the nylon block that's on the top end of the mainspring strut tends to break. It easy to check. Take the grips off, cock it, stick a paper clip though the hole in the bottom end of the strut, decock, and wiggle the strut and mainspring out.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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