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I can recommend 3 scopes for the .356 Win

I have all three of these scopes and can say I would buy each again without a second thought. I'll list them out in order of cost, highest to lowest.

1 - Weaver Grand Slam 1.5 - 5x 32mm $295.88
Very bright and clear optics. Especially in the low light of early morning and dusk in the woods. Approximately 3" of eye relief. Very resistant to fogging up; even if you breathe directly on the lens it will clear immediately. The rubber power ring is easy to use with gloved hands. Mine is mounted on my .307 Winchester.

2- Bushnell Scopechief 1.5 - 6x 28mm $195.00
This scopes optics are almost as bright and clear as the Weaver Grand Slam. 3" of eye relief. Objective is a bit smaller so it is not quite as bright; still it is a very bright and clear little scope. Just as fog resistant as the Grand slam. The entire eyepiece is the power ring and its the quickest to use, especially with gloves. Mine is mounted on my .356 Winchester. I think that this one is dis-continued, but you might be able to pick one up if you shop around the Gun Shows.

3 - Thompson Center Hunter 1.5 - 5x 32mm $109.99
This scope is almost as clear and just as bright as the Bushnell Scopechief. Standard power ring, Approximately 3' of eye relief and almost as fog resistant of the other two. A good scope if you're on a budget. Mine is mounted on a Ruger Mini-Thirty 7.62 X 39.

Prices are from the Midway-USA catalog so I'm sure you could get them cheaper some place else (maybe Midsouth Shooters Supply).

Hope this helps.
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