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Not sure about the windage issue, as I'm not a lefty and not a Win 94 owner, and it sure would be good advice to check these things out before laying out the greenbacks.

I am a 35 caliber fan, and shoot a 358 in the woods, and its a pearl. As the 356 is a 358 with overshoes, I am sure it behaves the same way- good downrange punch and plenty accuratte.

The scope I have on my 358 is a VariX2 1x4, and it does allright, although I am not sure the magnification is enough. I may put a 2 x 7 compact, either leaupold or burris on this rifle, as I really like to visually interrogate an animal, and make sure that its big enough before i put the hammer down on it, and the 4x max is not quite big enough. WIth other scopes, I can swing it up to 7 or 9, and I have a pretty good idea, and that has makes a big difference.

I'm thinking that the mid size, 3-9s would be too much scope, and mess with the handliing characteristics that I really like about this type of rifle. Let me know how it works out for you.


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