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optimum barrel lengths 257roberts/260rem/264win

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So, I'm gonna bite the bullet, swallow my apprehensions, and order an ER Shaw MK VII. I'm a lefty, so it exponentially complicates finding a factory rifle I want. Got most of it figured out already, but barrel lengths are tripping me up. All these will be hunting rifles in a sporter contour. I'm pretty sure I want a 26" in the 264win, but I'm completely lost on the others. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
I'm not a hand loader, factory ammo only. Hence the reason I'm not getting crazy exotic with the chamberings.
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My custom .257 Roberts has a 22" barrel and I'd see no reason to want for longer. It's a moderate capacity/velocity round and 22" is far handier, at least in my hands. My 25/06 wears a 24" barrel and I think it is justified there, however. I have found an excellent site for reasonably priced quality .257 Roberts fodder and feel free to PM me for the info, if you'd like. No more costly than factory ammo for some much more common rounds @ $20/box. I've used a lot of chamberings loaded by them and have found all to give excellent performance. I seriously considered the E.R. Shaw MKVII for a .450 marlin bolt rifle I was wanting to build. I have one of their barrels on a Savage 110 in .338/06 and I am more than pleased with it's finish and performance. For a semi custom rifle at that price break, I think it's an excellent value/$$. Best of luck with your new rifles! :D
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