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Hey Guys,

Ever been alone, or down to your last dollar.........well, Veral Smith made the mistake of taking bad advice about paying his taxes, and the IRS crucified him.  His wife, Judy Smith, is home alone and stuggling to make ends meet.

Today, I'm going to send her a Christmas card with a couple of dollars in it to let her know there are folks out there who are thinking about her.  

Judy Smith
HCR62 Box 145
Moyie Springs, ID  83845

Merry Christmas & God's Blessings

Lobo Lohr in NM

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El Lobo,
You must have a big slice of goodness in you.  Your idea is perfect.  A Christmas card with a check (I figured she makes money on Veral's book so I bought a book) went out this morning.

There is a lot of lonleyness in the world and the treatments are usually very easy and cheap.  Thanks for the heads up.

God bless and Merry Christmas..........  Bill M

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If you cast your own Judy is also selling LBT bullet lube!! I think its 10 for &#3678.00.

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