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I have two chronographs, a Pact PC2 and an Oehler 35P.

With both, the front sensor is always at least 13 - 15 feet away from the muzzle, to lessen muzzle blast effects on the unit.

As stated, muzzle blasts from adjacent benches can affect the Pact chrono - never had the problem with the Oehler. This is somewhat of an anamoly, as the sensors are supposed to be picking up the shadow of the bullet as it passes overhead. Why adjacent muzzle blast will have an effect, I don't know, but have observed a fellow shooter touch off his Swiss K-31 at the table next to me and the Pact would give a 1500 - 1700 fps recording. Stray light can give false readings. I made cardboard shields and painted them black to strap on the diffuser holders of the Pact unit. I've also had strong microwave signals in the area that upset the unit.

If you are shooting loads that have wads beneath the bullets, this could affect the readings.
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