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I use a chronograph as far away from the bench as the cables will allow. Some people suggest making a 'blast shield' out of a piece of plywood or similar with just a small hole in the middle for bullets to go through.

Revolvers are tough because of the B/C gap and all of the shock waves that get started before the bullet even leaves the barrel. Once with the chronograph too close to the bench, got readings between 1700 and 400 fps for 5 300gr. .45 Colt loads in my Ruger Bisley. They should have been reading around 1200fps.

The same chronograph once picked up velocities from my .35 Rem - when I was maybe 10 feet off to the right! Pretty close to what you would expect the velocities to be too, around 2,000fps with factory 200gr. ammo in a 20 inch barrel. The .35 Rem is not exactly a cannon when it comes to muzzle blast so this just goes to show how sensitive they can be.

Also - do you have any sort of diffuser screens above the sensors? This can help when the sun is not at a good angle for picking up the bullets.

If all else fails, try painting the tips of the bullets a dark color with a magic marker or something similar.
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