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Hi, Swifty:
I have problems with my old Chrony with loads like yours, blunt bullets and low supersonic velocities. Subsonic loads and the .30-06 don't bother it. Using the old Chrony, with it's cardboard diffuser stands means I'm shooting 3-4" over the sensors. Moving out to 20 feet didn't help much.

I found a large cardboard box and cut slots in each end large enough to slide the Chrony is and shoot over the diffuser stands, 9 to 11" over the sensors. I taped white plastic grocery bags over the top of the box for diffusers. The experiment was a success, with a couple of loads recording standard deviations of 10 and 11.

You could try it on an overcast day, with the diffusers off and shooting higher, before making some kind of a high diffuser setup. On the other hand, don't waste your time chronoing black powder loads under a dull overcast. The muzzle flash will get you every time. Then there was the time I got an error signal twice in a row when shooting the flinter. I found a patch sitting on the rear sensor.

I don't have anything with the snort of a .375 H&H, so I won't make any suggestions for it.

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