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I am shooting paper patch bullets with both smokeless and black powder.

After you get Paul Matthews book go on-line and look for Bruin bullets paper patch book. This is another good source of basics.
For black powder basics Dixie gun works used to sell a very good soft cover book which was primarily for black powder shooters.

To start take any lead bullet, gas check type is best. Without lube or check, patch the bullet with any typing paper. If you have an assorment of Lee bullet sizing dies, coat the patch with case sizing lubricant and run it through the sizer. Its a good start. Until you get the hang of it you will tear some patches. Good practice though.

When you get the hang of it you will be able to shoot right along side of any jacketed bullet - I am talking of hunting accuracy not bench rest work. Getting under three inches at 100 yards is easy with patches or lubed bullets. After that the fun starts!

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Look at  This is Richard Corbins website.  He has good info in his tech notes and makes paper patch bullet swaging dies quite reasonably.  Richard is in Phoenix, OR.

This is not the same as Corbin, that is Dave, Richards brother.

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You came to the right place. By all means,get Matthew's book
Also check out websites "huntinfo" and "shooters",I got most of my questions answered there.
Good luck;it ain't easy,but you will find that it will tend to very rewading.
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