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paper patching for muzzleloaders

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Check out new web site showing how to paper patch ordinary mini for better accuracy hunting/shooting with your muzzleloader.

Paper Patching for Muzzleloaders
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Thanks Mainer

Thanks Mainer...Hoping guys with muzzleloaders will try paper patching, as it seems to be well worth the effort and little extra cost.

Take care, happy hunting and shooting.:)
Re paper patching

Hello Hawk...what mold and cal are you trying? As I lived in Manitoba I can relate to waiting for warmer temp! You might find it will help to thin your lube if using in colder temps, as paper patches seem sensitive to that. I use mineral oil of about 5% volumn added to the wax/vaseline melt mix. Please post as to how it works for you.

Hello Hawk indicated above, I believe a slightly larger diameter is usually more accurate, with upset being minimal. You can also if possible use a thicker paper for patching. As long as the cartridge can still be freely chambered. Also there is more blow by if bullet is initially quite undersized. I haven't used mini in a cartridge, but for less fouling you might consider H777 in your 50-70. I have always filled base of minis level with lube, also possibly use thin card wad to seperate grease cookie from base of mini. Then grease cookie should not be pushed up into hollow base. Likewise post your results to let us know how it works out.

Happy hunting and shooting.:)
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re patch lube

Thanks Mainer..... I'll check out that lube tip as in our climate it would be nice to have one lube for all seasons.... wonder what the ingredients would be? Up in Maine you must get some cold hunting days too.
re patching

Hi Forrest ....You can paper patch possibly your maxi if it is cast slightly undersize of the bore to allow for layer of paper. If it is like most maxis it is probably a little over size to give initial seal upon seating and not satisfactory for paper patching. At the web site I listed a couple of molds I used in 54 and 58. Both are minis that are slightly undersize of bore diameter to accomodate layer of paper and still relatively easy to start to load at muzzle. In your 50 cal you need a projectile likewise slightly undersize so to be able to wrap paper patch and still load without tearing patch. Minis are traditionally undersized to allow for loading on "fired or dirty" barrel. Thats why minis work with paper patching. Of course for firing paper patch, you want to load on clean or wipe between shots. If you get a mold with a flat base conical, as long as its a few thousands undersize, I see no reason it would not work with paperpatch with appropriate charge level to get upset to seal. At the web site I listed links to several mold suppliers...check them out and if you see something appropriate post reply. As to paper, it appears to need to have at least 25% cotton or "rag" content or more to work. What seems to work as test is take a strip of paper and wet for 10 seconds, if it falls readily appart usually means no cotton content. With cotton content it remains strong enough when wet to allow for wrapping of the patch. Find stationary store and ask about cotton content. Hope this helps but more info is at web. Take care and happy hunting and shooting.:cool:
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