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Hey Marshall,
I was wondering when you were going to post part four of the 444Marlin technotes? I've been holding my breath for a long time.:) Did you get any pressure testing done? Any data you could share on the 290LFNGC would be helpful. Enjoy your great bullets and look forward to hearing from you.
Yours truly,

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Hey Walt,

Got a note a few days ago from Alex/Marshall. Marshall is burning the midnight oil with hunting season underway, trying to get as many bullets out as possible.

Yes his articles are quite interesting, even for cartridges that you don't load for. I learned a lot from the .444 articles even though I don't shoot one.

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Yikes guys!

I'm already working until ten or eleven every night! Everyone want bullets, and no time to write or shoot! Yes, I know it's been a while, but I'm waiting on weather right now to get down to the range.... about 18" of snow that's VERY soggy right now.

I haven't dropped the ball on you, just been otherwise occupied. Bullets pay the bills..... remember, you want straight scoop, I'm not a paid gunwriter, so have to pay my bills making bullets, but.... the bright side is, that I don't have some editor telling me what I can and can't print because it might tick-off some advertiser... so, you'll get good info when I have the time to finish the series :;

Thanks for the encouragement. It does help to know that folks like what I write, and the work that goes into those articles is worthwhile!

God Bless,
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