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Hello from Scotland~

I have ordered some Speer 125 gn TNT hollow points to try in my 22" barrel of my Miroku extreme .308 for pest shooting, fox,crow,and the odd bunny.

What im looking for is a " partner " bullet that will give me a similar point of impact or can be adjusted to do so and suitable for small Deer ?

I have been considering Nosler 125 gn or Hornadys 125 gn spitzer any other suggestions ?

Regards Englander

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No guarantees, because I have found cases where the same bullet weights, but different brands, had a considerable difference in point of impact (using the same powder charge, cases, primers, OAL, etc.).

Having said that, I'd be inclined to try the Nolser 125gr. Ballistic Tip. I am NOT a big fan of .30 cal Ballistic Tips on game, but.... the 125's seem to be amazingly tough. I once put one of them through TWO javelinas (think 30-40lb pig) on a close broadside shot, impact velocity had to be over 3,000fps, went through both front shoulders of the first and into the front shoulder of the second. Forgot whether it exited the second but I think it might have.

You said 'small deer' so I'm thinking less than 100lbs. If they are over 100lbs, I would be inclined to try the 125 or 130gr. Barnes X.

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I have used the Remington 125gr PSP in the 30-30 for several years and find it works good. My wife only uses this bullet now for hunting whitetails. It is cheep and accurate.
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