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You should contact the manufacturer, who will probably tell you to stay with Trapdoor-equivalent loads, I would guess. Modern metallurgy can only do so much for old designs.

Might send a note to the companies that publish the high-pressure .45-70 load data also.

I wouldn't load over industry standard until I had heard from the manufacturer or someone else who had pressure-testing equipment and did this for a living.

Just because someone else reports that they did it successfully, doesn't mean it's a good idea! Not to be cynical but just because someone reports ANYTHING on the Internet doesn't mean it's true. Always cross-reference loads with known, published data.

If the gun has a steel buttplate you'll probably find that Trapdoor loads give plenty of recoil, as is.

By the way SAAMI spec for the .45-70 is around 28,000CUP even though many load manuals stick with lower pressure than that for Trapdoor loads. So check several manuals for data, you may find quite a variety of load data without getting pressures too crazy.

My .458 Win Mag loads are around 35,000CUP or so and they'll rattle your teeth just fine!

Better cautious than the new nickname 'Three-fingers'..... my thoughs.
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