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I'd say the percussion can be a lot of fun

Oh .... Oh .... wait a minute .... you mean in ML's ..... ahhhhh .... but those percussions are a lot of fun too! :D

On the serious side, I'm a flintlock shooter but I'm also a percussion underhammer shooter. I build & repair ML's and I'm not fond of percussion sidelocks because of having to deal with the snail breech/drum that can foul easy causing hang fires and failure to fires when it's least convenient. If everything works right, they'll perform but my personal opinion is that I don't like them. The underhammer doesn't have those problems because the nipple goes straight into the barrel so there's no 90° turns between the nipple and main charge just like a flintlock.

As for the Lyman, I agree, of all the mass-production guns on the market, Lyman is by far the highest quality. I have a .50cal Deerstalker flint right now that I took in on trade and while it needed the typical lock & trigger tuning (as a custom builder, I tend to be a little more picky than the average shooter) overall out-of-the-box quality on these guns can't be argued with. I've had numerous Lyman's come in and out of my shop over the years and not a one with any serious problems that weren't caused by user abuse. The typical issues are common to all hook-breech guns where the wedges and escutcheons come loose and the breech hook and tang may work loose over time and use - I'd classify these issues more under "normal maintenance". BTW, that Deerstalker is for sale, if you're interested email me.

In my experience, the Lyman's don't care for an overly tight patch/ball combination. In the .50cal's I use a 0.490" ball and a 0.013" to 0.015" patch which is snug but not so tight that it's a pain in butt. The .50's have about a 0.502" bore and 0.517" groove diameter (metric) and I'd be happy to tell you what the .54's are but the memory card between my ears must be sluggish from all this global warming I'm feeling. :rolleyes:

As for the Lyman flintlocks, with only a few exceptions, most will perform best using the grey cut agate (sawn) flints. The only quirk the Lyman flinters have is that the vent is set lower than it should be in the flashpan so overloading the pan will cause firing delays, this is avoided by simply using a minmal amount of powder in the pan.
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