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Picatinny rail for S&W 19 revolver

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I recenly purchased a red dot sight for my air pistol. My shooting experience with that sight has made me a believer in red dot sights. So I am considering getting one for my S&W Model 19-3 revolver. But I want to keep my iron sights on the revolver. (You never know when a battery can go dead.)

Before you ask, yes, I know I'm going to have to take it to my gunsmith to get it drilled and tapped, or whatever, to mount a picatinny rail. What I would like to know is if there is a rail solution that allows me to keep my notched rear sight on my revolver while a red dot sight is also mounted. I want to be able to quickly revert to using my iron sights should the red dot sight fail. Which means the sight line between the front and rear sights cannot be blocked.

What I've read so far involves removing the rear sight and using that area for part of the mount for a picatinny rail. I would like to avoid that. Any ideas, anyone?
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I've been using red dot sights for around twenty-five years now. I have them on most of my handguns. I hunt with handguns and I shot a LOT of competition with handguns for many years. I have NEVER had a battery go dead while I was using a red dot. Today's red dots have batteries that last a very, very long time. Changing the battery once a year is about all you have to do to insure it won't go dead. Most of the sights now (the better ones) go into the off mode when not being moved for a period of time or putting the covers back on them. Trying to mount a red dot in a manner to allow using the iron sights just isn't going to work very well. The red dot would sit so high it would create problems carrying the gun in a holster, holding it to shoot, and look quite ungainly. Can it be done? Yes. Does anyone do it? No one I know, and I know a lot of people who shoot with them. It works OK on a combat rifle, it just doesn't have any place on a handgun. That's just my opinion, so you're free to do what ever you please. I don't think you're going to like the end result for function or esthetics. Think about it for a while longer before doing anything.
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I don't think you're going to like the end result for function or esthetics. Think about it for a while longer before doing anything.
Very good advice. I will give this serious thought. Thank you.
Gun turret on a Corvette. Effective but ugly.
NSB +1.

You could just remove the sight and tap it. done that.

Regarding Red Dot sights. I use theem on rifles/shotguns/x-bows/and pistols. I like them and they really have advantages in low light, that last great 15 minutes of legal hunting.

My Red dots have lost battery power on hunting trips. So I have a spare duct taped onto the turret. wish the turret was just a little bigger to hold one batt inside. BUT, my red dot sight get weaker before total lose of battery power...sort of like telling me 'get a new battery you idiot'. When I fine myself on 10 power rating with just a small dot, it is time to change.
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