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Hi ladies & gentlemen. I'm new to the forum, love to shoot, hunt and reload :)

I got a 2nd hand Norinco 1911 A1 C. It's got all the design features of the classic Colt Commander except it's made in China. It came with 2 COLT factory mags and no Norinco mags (wonder why?). The gun has not jammed in 3 boxes of American Eagle and Sellier&Bellot ammo and it shoots at POA within 50 yds I call that a good reliable gun and I will keep it. I personally believe the mags have everything to do with the gun's reliability.

A couple things bother me about the gun though;

1.The trigger fit is poor and the break, although light enough, is not crisp. It is not mushy or inconsistent either. I would explain it as double stage (like my Mohawk 600); where if you take the time to gently pull the trigger to the edge of the sear you reach a lip which holds, release trigger pressure, readjust your aim and then nudge trigger to break. I love that on a rifle but I'm not sure if that's how 1911's should behave. My handgun trigger experience is limited to the stock glock 22 trigger (it is what it is), Ruger GP 100 (how I would like my 1911 pistol trigger to behave) and the Ruger Standard 22lr (nothing else can be that good).

2. Sometimes I get slight hammer bite.

Any advice on trigger mods or upgrades that would give me a more all-or-nothing crisp trigger? What about different hammers or beavertail safeties that work nice on that gun and never bite, anyone ever shaved the hamme spur a few 16th's? Please feel free to comment on my grip technique and effects on hammer bite, but my opinion is to hold comfortably.

Thanks in advance for the good words.
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