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Anyone know about or have experience with a bullet casting machine made by a company called "POLYCLIPS" ???

It appears to be a semi-automatic machine... I would appreciate info or input about these things as I've met a guy offering one for sale semi-cheap.

Thanks -- CC

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Hi, CC:
It's Policlips, not Polyclips. I've never see one, but I have a hunch they're out of business. They're listed in Handloader's Digest #14, 15 & 16, but not in #17, and that's 5 years ago. The price then was $850 for the MMX-93 model, the only one shown.

Policlips North America
59 Douglas Crescent
Toronto, Ontario
M4W 2E6
Fax 416-924-4375

I couldn't find anything on the net either, except for one query from Brazil on the Cast Bullet List, and he didn't get a reply. came up blank.

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