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The board policy on this subject has changed, so I closed and made obsolete and unstuck the original thread. This is more current.

Marshall would like all photos in posts to be hosted on this board’s server. Photos hosted by outside servers like Photobucket or Image Shack are sometimes taken down. By hosting on this board, we know the images will remain archived with the posts.

To host pictures on the board your membership must be old enough or you don't get the "Manage Attachments" button below. See Mike G's post #2 after this one, below. If your membership doesn't automatically change after you've met those criteria, contact the administrator or contact one of the moderators and we will get an administrator to fix it.

Posting on the board also requires a few steps:

1. If your image file is over 100K in size, you must resize it down. Resize down, preferably using 640×480 as pixel size limits, 800×600 at most. Some file types, .GIF for example, are more compact and will let you post images toward the larger size without going over 100K. Some will not. 640×480 is good screen size and usually doesn't make viewers scroll to see the whole image. Microsoft Office Picture Manager includes a resize function. Apple Image Shackle application for Mac OS-X will do it. Lots of freeware programs will do it. Here’s one: Image Resizer for Windows. Others may be found on Kim Komando's site.

2. In the composition window, click on “Go Advanced”.

3. In the Advanced window, scroll down to Additional Options until you see “Manage Attachments” and click on that.

4. Click on the “Browse” button (1, below) to locate your image file, then click on the image file to select it.

5. Next click on the “Upload” button (2, below). The photo will be uploaded.

7. Repeat for all the photos you want to upload.

8. Click "Save".​
At this point your post will appear with a thumbnail for each image at the bottom of the post. If that is satisfactory, leave it be. That’s the lowest bandwidth way of showing pictures. Viewers just click on the thumbnails to see the full size image. But if you want the picture directly in the text to illustrate a point, take the following additional steps:
9. Put the cursor over the thumbnail for the picture you want to insert. You can do this from the thumbnail in the Preview Changes window if you haven't posted yet.

10. On the flyout menu select on “Copy Link Location”.

11. Click on Edit in the lower right corner of your post.

12. In the editor, click where in the text you want the picture to appear.

13. Click on the photo icon in the editor.

14. Paste the copied Image Location into the pop-up photo URL entry window. (Be sure to overwrite the default http:// that appears or it will double and break the link.

The image will now appear in the body of the post as well as having a thumbnail on the bottom.


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Please note that to upload pictures to the Shooter's forum server, you will have to have 25 posts and 10 days as a member. That is to prevent drive-by uploading of things we don't want.

Until you reach that threshold, you will have to use a third party photo host. Sorry for the inconvenience but we were getting some awful stuff uploaded by spammers in the past.

I deleted the other thread we had re: posting pictures, as it is now redundant.
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