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Like all of us I have been looking at my available powder for reloading.
I located 2 aditional 8lb jugs of RVO powder from back in the day and found these.
Another/different RVO 30-06 and a RVO 62

I have been loading a lot of 30-06 with the original lot of this powder.
it works very well in my Garands using the 55-56 grain loading averaging
2578 FPS vs 2700-2800 military loads.

Anyway I thought I'd post these data sheets from River Valley Ordinance., in case any one is looking for them.
RVO Powders RVo62232.jpg
RVO Powders Lot 2 3006231.jpg

I also found this posting on the CMP forums.......

giddy (CMP Forums)
I knew Tom Owsley (River Valley Ordnance) for about 20 years, until his passing in 2005. He sold two different lot numbers of WC852 (BAJ47288 & BAJ47289). Both were known as "waivered" lots, because they were too slow burning for use in the M1 Garand rifle, and therefore restricted for MG (machine gun) ammo only. Both lots required charge weights of around 60gr (with the Ball M2 bullet) to meet spec velocity. Tom had found that by loading these powders down around 52 to 55 grains, the port pressures were OK for the Garand, but velocity was also quite low. Chamber pressures were around 30-35 thousand psi, but port pressures were enough to cycle the Garand. Other "waivered" WC852 powders were sold by Hodgdon as H-450, and by Accurate Arms as AA-2700. Great powder for the .30-06 in bolt guns, and as Mineralman55 said, superb in a .25-06 (or .270, 7mm Mag, 300 Mag, etc.) Basically a ball powder version of IMR4831. However, some lots of military WC852 were fast enough to require only around 50 to 54 grains to meet specs. These lots were approved to load ammo suitable for the M1 Garand. Only the waivered lots were restricted for MG Use Only. BTW, ALL arsenal loaded Lake City .30-06 Ball M2 ammo (LC72) is loaded with waivered WC852, and should not be shot in the Garand.

Old school shipping labels from back in the day........


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I've got a couple gallons of 50 year old surplus powder if someone wants to experiment. One is hand marked X-283. They're fresh and clean but also hand marked "Special bulb starter and potting soil booster" so they could go through the mail, but didn't to me!
Such powder used to be plentiful and sold in 8 lb. gallon cans at gunshows.
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