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I posted asking for general info on a reduced 416 load last week and got no replies, so I'll ask a more specific question.  Having read Marshall's book, I'd like to fill up the case to improve my chance to find an accurate load.  IMR 4064 is my full-charge powder, and gives around 2600fps with a caseful under a jacketed 350.

Any thoughts on which powders might fill up the big bottle while only giving around 2000 fps to a 335-375 cast bullet?  Or other powders which would be a good bet for an accurate load @2000fps with a filler?

Thanks, and take care.


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My best suggestion is to use a full case of WC872 surplus powder.   With your large capacity case, you will need to use 3.0g of Red Dot or Bullseye directly over the primer, then fill the case to the middle of the neck with the WC872 (whatever charge that proves to be) in order to create a slightly compressed load.

I've tried this with the larger bore magnums and this powder (don't use the priming charge with anything under a .338" bore and a belted magnum case) to get very nice, uniform 2000-2100 fps loads.

The powder is available from Jeff Bartlett Reloaders for a very reasonable cost... last I checked about four bucks per pound when purchased in 8# jugs.

Also try a full case of H870 or IMR 5010 it will do the same job, only use a Fed 215 primer (no priming charge) and you'll get your desired 2000 fps with very uniform velocities.

Hope this helps!

God Bless,

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