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Hi everyone,
    I saw an interesting thing happen at the shooting range the other day. A fellow was shooting a 300 RUM with three different handloads, using H870, AA8700 and IMR 4350, all ignited by CCI BR primers (because that is what he had). All the ball powder loads went off fine, but most of the IMR 4350 loads didn't go off! He said he had the same problem the previous week using an older lot of 4350, so he went and bought a new can with the same result. When he disassembled the rounds he found that the primers had actually gone off, but the powder did not ignite at all! I never saw anything like it. I would have thought that the huge quantities of ball powder (100+gr) would have been harder to ignite than the IMR stick powder (70+gr). Any thoughts? I was stumped! <!--emo&???--><img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt='???'><!--endemo--> IDShooter

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I would have guessed the exact same thing.

Only thought is that 4350 is so much faster burning than the other two, it probably takes up a lot less of the case, which also makes it harder to light the powder.  I am really surprised that the ball powders lit off.

Tell your friend to get some magnum primers !  I'm sure you already did, though.

Either that or offer to buy his 'defective' cans of 4350 for a buck each... heh heh....
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