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For powder measures, I use a RCBS Duo-Matic and a Uniflow with the micrometer dial, and a bunch of Dillon ones that go with the progressive toolheads. I don't think you can go wrong with the Uniflow for the money. I have a balance style scale that came with my RCBS Reloader Special 3 kit that I got when I was 14. That scale has never come out from under the bench since I purchased the first RCBS digital that was available about 10 years ago. Still works, which it should since it cost over $300 at the time. As Mike said, make sure you have and use your check weights, and use them regularly. I have never worried about it being close to the weight I'm using because I figured 250.0 grains and 500.0 grains exactly with no deviance of any kind would keep me accurate at the 5-100 gr duty it usually sees. These are the check weights that came with the scale. Does this make a difference? If someone took my digital scale, I would shoot them. I don't function without it. I hate balance beam scales and think they are slow to use and just plain SUCK.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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