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Hi Slangley!
I have been using a Redding Model 2 Master powder scale for several years now. It has a 505 gr. cap. & is magneticaly :) dampened. My powder measure is also a Redding, the one they bill as the Model 3K because it comes with two micrometer type metering chambers for pistols (0 - 10 gr.) and rifles (0 - 100 gr.); the measure body and drum are made of cast iron. I like it because I can record the micrometer reading at the end of a session, and then dial back into the approx. charge weight at a later date. I say approximate charge weight because every time I set up for a recipe again I usually have to tweak the meter up or down a bit. Also I am fully in agreement with what these other folks have had to say about check weights. Redding's website is if you want to check out their catalog, but don't let the catalog prices scare you. Those are only what you pay if you order direct. Dealer prices are usually lower by a fair margin. Good luck shopping!
Dave S.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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