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I've used several powder measures and scales, including electronic scales.

They are all basically capable of good work.... BUT no scale can be trusted until you have check weights to verify, especially the electronic ones. They sometimes wander!

Zero scale, then put on some check weights in the neighborhood of what you will be loading that day (say to the nearest 10 grains), double-check that scale agrees with check weights, do your loading, then put check weights on scale at end of session. Your processes/procedures will mean more to safe reloading than the brand on the scale, my opinion.

No measuring device is useful without a known standard for comparison - this is not just true for reloading.

Powder measures - I mostly use the RCBS Uniflow with both large and small metering drum. Small drum goes to about 60 grains of stick powder and gets left in 99% of the time. The micrometer adjustment feature is nice, you don't have to fool with a lock nut to change settings. With the small drum it will throw ball powders to 0.1 grain every time, with short stick powders like Varget, usually within a couple of tenths.

Anti-static is not marketing fluff, static electricity can influence a scale quite a bit, and annoy you considerably with a powder measure. 500 grains is plenty of capacity for most reloading. I rarely weight anything to 1,000 grains and when I do, it's usually mail that I'm wondering about how many stamps it needs!

Hope this helps....
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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