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Hi, Sean:
I've got 2 of each. The Redding #1 is 35 years old and still going. They have a slightly modified unit now, the RS-1. Advantage, all metal. Disadvantages, oil damped and 380 grain capacity. Oil damped is OK as long as you don't tip it over and use an oil that doesn't creep, like 3-in-1. Gun and motor oils creep and make a mess. There's two things you may want a larger scale for. 1 1/4 ounces of shot weights 547 grains, which means splitting the load and adding if you're setting up an adjustable charge bar. The other limitation is checking your loaded shells. Suppose you get that uneasy feeling that you didn't put powder in one .338 shell. Bullet + primed case + powder = 250 + 240 + 70 = 560 grains, again over the 500 grain capacity of most small scales.

The PACT DPPS Digital Precision Powder Scale has a 1500 grain capacity and has been trouble free, most of the time. Static caused by very low humidity and temperature changes can drive it nuts. About this time of year I start loading everything in sight, hoping spring will come soon. When the sun gets around in mid afternoon it hits the scale if I leave it in it's usual place, and :mad: The RCBS Powder Pro Digital Scale is the same unit, colored green, like money (hint, hint).

My main measure is a Lyman #55. It's only problem is with small charges of flake powder. My old Ohaus Duo-Matic is more accurate with them, but it's an awkward beast and is discontinued. If you find one for $20, grab it.

Lee, of course, is cheapest. From what I've heard, the Perfect powder measure is surprizingly good, particularly with the difficult to meter stick powders like 4350 and 4831. The scale is a nasty piece of junk.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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