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Hello from Scotland

At present i have been reloading only for my .308 and have simply been using the Lee scoop that comes with the collect die and N140 powder, seems to work ok !

Now i require to reload for the .444 and 325 gn bullets i like the simpleness of the scoop and at most i will be loading 100 at a time probavly less 50 or so.

Do you think the Lee scoop set would be up to my requirements ?

As i said im pretty new to reloading and am a hunter not a paper puncher so really accuracy to 200 yards is all i need.

I have been told by my local gun shop  he will not sell the Lee safety scales due to experence of it "sticking".
Yet others have said it is agood product.

Money is an issue to, not that im poor just i what some thing simple effective that will get the job done. And a can not see the point in buying expensive equipment for my humble needs.

So im only reloading for two possible three different rifle calibres .308/.444 im in no hurry and only load 50- 100 at one sitting.

What would you recommed ?

Reagrds Englander

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Lee sells a a complete dipper set that would satisify your requirements. Just be sure to stay away from max loads as the variation the dippers allow could cause problems with over charges.

God Bless


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I would be very hesitant to load anything by volume without a scale to check the charge.  They are somewhat expensive but worth every cent (shilling?, pence? in Scotland) just for the peace of mind.  I have a 25 year old Ohaus 10-10 that just keeps working perfectly.  This scale is currently sold by RCBS and other manufacturers for about $100.  The 5-05 goes for about $65.  The Lee safety scale only weighs to 110 gr, which will handle your powder needs, but will not be able to weigh bullets.  You usually get what you pay for.

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Although dippers can be used very effectively, I would second the motion to get a scale.

Even an inexpensive scale to check your dippers against is money wisely spent.

You can check the accuracy of your scale by weighing a few coins and then finding a friendly phamacist to check the coins against their scales.

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Hi, Englander:
   Definity get a good scale.  I've heard too many complants about the Lee scale to recommend it and the low maximum weight won't allow you to check your home cast bullets. Powder can vary in density from lot to lot so I wouldn't trust dippers in a new can.

  Steve Koschak has a Lyman 500 scale, 2 RCBS 502 scales and check weights list in Trading Post. The scales are the metal bodied ones. I've heard of the plastic bodied ones warping. I got the check weights from him, and both my old Redding #1 and electronic Pact DPPS were within 1/10 grain across the beam.

   A good scale is as essential as your press and dies.


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I agree that you must have a scale. With everyone going digital you should be able to get a used one from a club member...

I like dippers and with a scale you can "adjust" them to your personal needs. See the tech note.

Get the Lee "Perfect" Powder Measure and with Lee's reloading book you can adjust by volume. Lee's book lists powder charges by CC's along with weight in grains. For starting loads you can adjust by volume with confidence. If you need aditional confidence e-mail Lee. I have only written them once (snail mail) but they answered right back and were very nice. You will feel better being able to confirm your volume settings.
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