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powder wads

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For a light load in a straight-walled rifle cartridge, what type of filler should I use?  The Lyman manual list some charges as being used with a poly filler but neglects to mention what it is and where to get it.  I have heard a number of things(mostly hearsay) on the effects of fillers and damage caused by them.  Totally confused.  
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Many of the fillers, such as you make reference to, are bulk, dacron type filler used for making and stuffing pillows, available in fabric stores.  Most usually the filler is a weighed quantity of this bulk filler for uniformity.

Personally, I prefer to use polyester quilt batting that comes in several different thicknesses if a filler is absolutely necessary (most times it isn't).  Using the quilt batting, it comes in a uniform thickness, so cutting uniform squares of this batting results in very uniform performance in a load, and the density is more predictable than the bulk dacron type fillers.  On bottleneck type cases, crochet hooks (also available in fabric stores) of various diameters are about the perfect tool for seating these polyseter squares into the case atop your powder charge.

Keep in mind that you can overdue just about anything, and a little filler goes a long way.  The whole idea is to keep the powder charge down against the primer in reduced loads for consistent iginition.

Hope this helps answer some questions.

God Bless,

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Marshall, when you write that most times case fillers aren't necessary, why?  Lyman lists them and I think I should stick with the data but, will I be raising pressures or doing anything else untoward to my rifle if I skip them?
I note that you caution against too much filler.I take it that you do not follow the idea that the case should be filled up,compressing the filler and the powder both.
I load the 45/70,which is almost straight -walled,and only insert a Dacron wad of 1 grain,or less.
I do fill the case when I am using quick burning powder,and it fills less then half of the case.
Is this in line with your thinking,or do you suggest that I change my method?
I also use a powder filler,called PufFlon,which has to fill the case,to be used pror\perly.
Kragman71, what form of filler do you use? (circle, square, "puff", etc.) and also, this "pufflon" stuff, where do you get it and is it better than other fillers? If so, why?
I buy the Dacron in sheets,3/8 inch thick.I  cut them into 1/2 inch strips,and snip a 1/2 0r 3/4 inch length.This somewhat square wad is placed into the mouth of the case with a pencil point,to center it in the case,achieving maximum sidewall pressure to prevent it from shifting out of place.I set the wad onto the surface of the powder with the blunt end of the pencil,firmly,but not hard.
The PufFlon is a commercial cartridge case filler made in Texas. For me,it does only as well as does the Dacron .I use it for my hunting loads,which will take abuse,and be around for a year,maybe.I fear that there is an outside chance that the Dacron will shift,if handled roughly.
If the wad shifts,accuracy will go down the tubes,and there is a slight chance of a "ringed"chamber.
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