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Prairie Coyote Gun

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Looking for a new coyote gun. I will be shooting in the prairies, where it is usually windy, and i will need to be taking some fairly long shots at times. I also do some calling. I do not reload. Just wondering what you guys use and what you would use for the above criteria. I want a dedicated coyote/varmit gun.

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You could split the difference between the .243 and 25-06 and get a .260 Rem. Just a thought. The .260 seems to be enjoying quite a resurgence lately.
When I was 11 years-old I killed a 9-pt in South Texas at 300 yds with a Remington Model 700 in .243 Win. Does that help?
If cost is an issue, you might check out the Weatherby Vanguard. I have each of the three you list except the Tikka. Good friend of mine has one in .270, though, and he's pleased with it. Matter of personal preference. Good luck on your choice.
Thanks for the clarification, Fred. I was talking about the Vanguard S2, though if you want to spend a bit more, getting the original Vanguard-Sub MOA with the nicer stock isn't a bad option, either.
The Vanguard S2 equivalent of the subMOA model is the "range certified." They include a target signed by ed weatherby. Here's the link to Weatherby site: Vanguard® Series 2 RC (Range Certified) | Discount Hunting Supplies & Shooting Supplies, Ammunition - Able Ammo has them in stock. Check it out. It's probably what I'll get when I get my .338 WM. Weatherby Range Bolt Action Rifle VMT243NR4O, 243 Winchester, 24 in, Green/Black Stock, Matte Black - Able Ammo. I actually like the green/black combo better on the stock than the old Vanguard SubMOA finish. Just personal preference.
1 - 5 of 33 Posts
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