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Prairie Coyote Gun

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Looking for a new coyote gun. I will be shooting in the prairies, where it is usually windy, and i will need to be taking some fairly long shots at times. I also do some calling. I do not reload. Just wondering what you guys use and what you would use for the above criteria. I want a dedicated coyote/varmit gun.

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Most of the times I pick the wrong rifle for what i encounter but all will do the job.
:D Well said Monty! I like the 25-06 choice.

I'd a picked a .243 because that's what I have, but the 25-06 is spot on. Heavier bullet to buck the wind with, still shoots really flat and a good choice of factory ammo.

A Remington 700VLS. (bottom rifle in this picture)

It will shoot groups like this:

58 grain Vmax, 100 yards, 3600 fps and change.

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1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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