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This is a difficult post for me to make.  Gayle, my wife, called one of our NY customers today to confirm shipping information on an order placed some time ago... his bullets are ready for shipment.

Instead of getting Mr. Peter Martin on the phone, Gayle talked with Alice, his wife.  Peter Martin has been missing since his Fire-Rescue unit responded to the World Trade Towers following the first attack.  He was part of a special rescue unit, of which there was only one for each NY burrough, his was the Brooklyn unit.

I called back and talked with his widow, and she has three young sons to raise, ages 13, 8, and 6.  It has been a very rough month for them since September 11th.  Currently they are receiving Peter's customary salary, at least until there is an official declaration by the department of his status.

A memorial service is planned for him 20 October.

His wife, Alice, could use spiritual support, prayer, and any other support offered her and her three boys.

To those of you who frequent, this perhaps may not be news to you, but it was news to me this afternoon, and a shock, as we just finished preparing his bullet order for shipment.

To those of you whom the Lord leads, Alice could really use your support, in whatever fashion it comes!

Alice Martin's email address:

Many thanks to all!

God Bless,


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A most sad story. This is being repeated hundreds of times here now. Many firefighters from my surrounding area are no longer with us.

Many commuted to work from mine and surrounding areas as we are only 60 or so miles from ground zero.

Just saw the other day on the TV an interview of a Battallion Chief who I had the pleasure of meeting a number of years ago. He stated that 3 houses in his Battallion lost ALL their men in the WTC collapse. He also stated that 19 men from the firehouse he operates out of were lost at the WTC too.

Mayor Guiliani was right when he said this tragedy will affect thousands of people, some of whom don't know it yet.

You were just affected Marshall.

Pray for all those poor souls lost in this terrible act of barbarism.

Regards, Ray
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