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Sometimes it is all to easy to have to have the "best of everything". Sometimes the simplest device is really the most practicle and economical. That is what this article reminded me of.I just may make a few dippers myself!

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Marshall Stanton
I still have my original set of numbered black plastic Lee dippers that I bought in the '60's. My yellow dipper set is well complimented by the Lee Loading manual. The starting loads being listed in CC's makes choosing a load easy.

Most of our practice shooting should be at less than maximum and dippers simplify the loading process.
I split my loading into three sessions. I size the first day, bell and prime the second, dip powder and seat bullets the third. This is a great way to break in a new loading partner.

My wife claims that that few people can dip powder as uniformly as she does. She use a method similar to that described by Dean Grennel in the 5th ed. of the The ABC's of Reloading. She use a half butter tube full of powder and starts the dipper in backwards, then comes forward and rakes off the excess with a card.

I like to think I am reasonably smart but... Why didnt I think of useing my case trimmer to adjust the size of my homemade dippers? If I learn nothing else from this forum that is one good tip!

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I made several "case" dippers for black powder shooting, out off .38 Special and .45 ACP hulls, some cut down.
I used different sizes for powder and corn meal.

They aren't as pretty as yours though! I used brass brazing rod, and bent the handles for comfort after attaching nearer the base.

Now, from your article, I'm inspired to make a whole new batch for loading Nitro-powders.
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