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THe Italian Manlicher Carcano series of rifles have been given a bad "rap" in the gun press. In reality they were / are compeditive with anything to come out of Europe in the late 19th to early 20th century. They utilize a modified Mauser type bolt (2 fwd lugs and a one peice bolt body) with a Manlicher magazine. The 6.5MM round for which they were chambered, while not a real powerhouse was servicable and very pleasant to shoot. It was always a smokeless powder load, data is available in many current reloading manuals. It is roughly equal to a 30/30 in effectiveness.
As a group, Carcanos are decent shooters, I would recomend always staying with the original cartridge and pressure levels. Normally the metals used were correct for their intended use, perhaps yours is a late war time rifle.
You can load it with black powder but the small bore and fast twist will foul rapidly.

Good Luck and happy blasting
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