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Pressure is a VEEERY inexact science as it depends on each individual gun. Primers blown, sticky extraction, etc..not reliable. I agree with MikeG 100%, a chrony is the only way to know and even then with a tight chamber and barrel you just might still be over. I have a Ruger M77MkII in .270 Win that tops out VERY quickly. I usually can't make the max in the nosler #5, but meets advertised velocities. (almost) I also have a Browning Medallion 7mm Rem Mag that will digest 69 gr. of RL-22 with a Sierra 150 HPBT Match and never hiccup. My opinion: Don't force a 30/06 to be a .300 mag, if you want a one. I hear people brag about hot loads and such...not me...I work up for accuracy or advertised velocity, whichever comes first. just my 2cents.
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