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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the notes! I wrote my post during a break at work earlier today. After reading boom_jm's post I double checked my notes when I got home.

I miss noted my FPS on the 30-06. W/ 57.5 gr of IMR4350 / 165gr Speer BTSP, I averaged 2820fps w/ a high of 10rds at 2900fps.

As a follow up to Racky Raab:

My mentor suggested that I set the OAL of an uncharged round to my rifle by setting the depth of the bullet in the casing w/ the rifle bolt and then using that round as to set my die and adding ~ 1/4 turn deeper to the die set. His take on the practice is that it help insure better accuracy for my rifle by minimizing the distance in the chamber before the slug hits the rifling.... Is this a good practice?

My hand load rounds chamber fine but they are ~ 1/8 longer than any factory loads I have. Can that fraction of time difference before the bullet hits the resistance of the rifling be contributing to the pressure differences?
Your '06 load should be perfectly safe---if it shoots good it's a keeper! Seating bullets longer means less 'jump' before the bullet engages the rifling and usually means the bullet has a better chance of being centered when it starts down the barrel------this doesn't always mean better accuracy. Some rifles aren't fussy about O.A.L and others are. For hunting, feeding from the magazine is more important , and if a bullet is seated to touch the rifling pressures go UP! Have fun-------safely , of course.:)
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