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With my 30-06 (24" barrel), I have not tried 4350 or 4064 with the 165gr bullet. My best groups right now come from 50gr IMR4895, with CCI200 primers, at 2825FPS. That is NOT chronographed, but rather from the manuals, so it may be a tad faster than that over a chronograph. I don;t know.

To settle on that powder, for that bullet weight, I also tried Varget, H380, RL19, and RL22.

I'd say if it likes 4895, go with that. I have a habit of trying several different powders even after I've found a good load, and only rarely does it improve (BUT there are those exceptions). Still, alot of powder tried is alot of powder bought. I've slowed down in that respect. Now, I look for recommended loads and try them first. When I hit on a good load that produces consistent groups, I stick right there with that powder and start trying primers and seating depth, and playing a little up and down with the charge weight. I'm not a big velocity guy. If I can get good groups that still shoot 2.7" to 3" or so high at 100yds, then I'm happy....even IF a chrono was to tell me it was travelling slower than what a manual says, for example.

ON EDIT: After posting, I read Uncle Nick's post. I too have found that, with some loads, my 30-06 wants a big jump to the lands. I tried inching up on the lands by seating certain loads closer .010" at a time, and my groups were opening up. That Remington of mine doesn;t mind a jump. Now my Rem in 22-250 is the opposite: it wants the bullet right up there into the lands, especially with heavy Berger bullets. So...each rifle to his own, I guess.
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