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We have had quite a bit of interest is loading high performance shotshells as of late. That is excellent, since the reloading of shotshell is just as interesting as metalics.
Now.....We should discuss a way for the reloader to check his pressure in order to stay within the safe envelope.
The first procedure is to load a listed recipe that is running near max of 11,000 psi. I like to stay in the area of 10,500 psi. This load should be put in a new hull. After firing, he should mike the expansion of the brass at the junction with the plastic tube. Record this in his logbook for that hull. It is an excellent idea to do all load development in new hulls, as after they are resized they work harden. Do not use the diameter at the rim. This system works best with a high brass hull.
I tend to buy new primed hulls of one make for all my high performance loads, especiality the 16mm brass-7mm base wad Fiocchi hulls. Having done this, I can monitor the pressure as I work up a load.
Best Regards, James
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